• Requirements:

  • Install with vim-addon-manager any plugin that requires lh-style should be enough.

  • With vim-addon-manager, install lh-style (this is the preferred method because of the dependencies).

    ActivateAddons lh-style
    " will also install editorconfig-vim
  • vim-flavor (which also supports dependencies)

    flavor 'LucHermitte/lh-style'
    " will also install editorconfig-vim
  • Vundle/NeoBundle:

    Bundle 'LucHermitte/lh-vim-lib'
    Bundle 'LucHermitte/lh-style'
    " Optional
    Bundle 'editorconfig/editorconfig-vim'
  • Clone from the git repositories, and update your 'runtimepath'

    git clone
    git clone
    # Optional
    git clone'